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Jesus Lafuente

Don´t let Jesus fool you with his angelic face as his universe will carry you to a reality full of vivid colours, fantasy and high doses of transgression while surrounded by an innocent aesthetic that won't leave you indifferent. He makes us part of his personal reality through his work with the coolest andalusian accent.

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Didi Portuesi

As the most delicate jellyfish, she lets herself go when connecting with herself to create. This lively girl with a mixture of Tunisian, French and Italian roots is currently living in Milano, where she continues her painting and visual arts studies. Always looking for new knowledge, she's always been very interested in medicine and her artworks promise to heal the soul of those who contemplate them.

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Luci's sarcasm at it's finest can hit your heart and leave you trembling. Her paintings are brutal and she finds inspiration in the deepest human emotions and gives them a childish and innocent but mysterious aesthetic so you can be able to digest them. Her work is the perfect metaphor of modern life.



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