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Helena Gorro Gooroo

Official creator of the hoewear concept during lockdown and mesh top lover, Helena is a lot more than a young and colourful stylist: she’s THE muse and THE sexy icon. Helena dresses emerging music talents in Spain and she’s madly in love with ecommerce gigs. Breaking the club kids scene she will give your projects the extra fresh look that speaks to the new generations.

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Carmen, one half of Enredo,  is a lovely stylist and creative director who stamps a seal of subtlety and finesse in all her work. Her style is very clean and sober, and always exquisite. Carmen also has a clandestine pottery workshop at home, and sometimes she makes her own pieces with her skilled hands when the production requires it.

Carmen Errando

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Ana is a well known stylist taking her firsts steps in the creative direction world and already with a high-ranking client portfolio. Her avant-garde and subtle style is influenced by a nostalgic look on the past that makes every woman she dresses feel strong and feminine. Ron is her best friend: a playful Cavalier King Charles spaniel that follows her wherever she goes.

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Guille Quiller

The guy who take a sit in the last row at school is the same who gets the greatest marks in arts. Guille is a passionate stylist and everything he touches turns into gold. He loves finding inspiration in the small details of his everyday life, which allows him to develop new ideas and concepts.

Ana Floubet  

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Javier de la Blanca

Ahida Agirre

Javier is a Spanish blond diamond playing characters in Berlin. He are the grey gardens of the 21st century and the muse of Margiela among other things. The first time you meet Javier you will be shocked, and he will steal your heart, we promise.

Ahida is our Blue Fairy Underground Stylist. She’s a triple virgo meaning that her Sun, Moon, and ascendant were in Virgo when she was born, so she’s got a very strong personality and is full of emotional intelligence. A real hard worker looking like a mix of a kawaii character and a punk of the 80’s new wave. She will make you wish you had all her carefully curated outfits in your closet because they are both comfy and stunning.



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